Ching's Kitchen - Oriental Cuisine Caterer


Chef’s Specialities
Chicken Thai green curry with aubergine and fine green beans
Bang Bang prawns with mild sriracha sauce topped with spring onions
Five-spiced slow cooked pork with Hoisin sauce
Panang beef red curry with basil and chilli

Vegetarian Dishes
Stir-fried vegetable chop suey
Teriyaki tofu with broccoli and toasted sesame seeds
Japanese curry with edamame

Noodles and Rice Dishes
Oriental prawn fried rice
Steamed wild or plain rice
Vegetable egg noodles
Chicken Singapore noodles

Hot or Cold Platters
Vegetable spring rolls with sweet chilli dip
Pork dragon balls with sweet and sour sauce
Spicy chicken wings
Crispy chicken lollipops
Chicken satay skewers
Prawn toast
Filo wrapped prawns

Savoury Tray Bakes
Beef lasagne
Cottage Pie
Chilli con carne
Chicken tagine with roasted sweet potato
Pork sausage and roasted vegetable

Fun & Healthy Kid’s Party Food
Hot Options – Mini beef burgers, BBQ chicken drumsticks, Chicken goujons, Baked ham & cheese sandwiches, Homemade sausage rolls, Mini hotdogs in a bun

Treats - Vegetable sticks with hummus, Fun salad, Little pots of berries, Salted or Sweet popcorn, bag of crisps, Fruit jelly cups, Yoghurt pot with fruit & honey

Cakes - Chocolate brownies, Homemade flapjacks, Blueberry muffins, Chocolate marshmallow sticks, Mini fairy cakes, Chocolate cookies, Rainbow fruit kebabs with chocolate sauce